Here at Perennial Partners we want only the best for our customers AND the planet. That is why we brew our own Compost Tea and lavish your plants with natural, healthy fertilizer.

Compost Tea is a “liquid gold” fertilizer for flowers, vegetables and houseplants. Compost Tea, in fact, is all the rave for gardeners who repeatedly attest to higher quality vegetables, flowers, and foliage. Very simply, it is a liquid, nutritionally rich, well-balanced, organic supplement made by steeping aged compost in water. The live microbes enhance the soil and the immune system of plants. Its value is amazing, for it acts as a very mild, organic liquid fertilizer when added at any time of the year.

6 Good Reasons to Use Compost Tea

1. Increases plant growth
It is chock full of nutrients and minerals that give greener leaves, bigger and brighter blooms, and increased size and yield of vegetables.

2. Provides nutrients to plants and soil
The fast-acting nutrients are quickly absorbed by plants through their leaves or the soil. When used as a foliar spray plant surfaces are occupied by beneficial microbes, leaving no room for pathogens to infect the plant. The plant will suffer little or no blight, mold, fungus or wilt.

3. Provides beneficial organisms
The live microbes enhance the soil and the immune system of plants. Growth of beneficial soil bacteria results in healthier, more stress-tolerant plants. The tea's chelated micronutrients are easy for plants to absorb.

4. Helps to suppress diseases
A healthy balance is created between soil and plant, increasing the ability to ward off pests, diseases, fungus and the like. Its microbial functions include: competes with disease causing microbes; degrades toxic pesticides and other chemicals; produces plant growth hormones; mineralizes a plant's available nutrients; fixes nitrogen in the plant for optimal use.

5. Replaces toxic garden chemicals
Perhaps the greatest benefit is that compost tea rids your garden of poisons that harm insects, wildlife, plants, soil and humans. It replaces chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. And, it will never burn a plant's leaves or roots. Finally, you save money.

6. Makes you a "Green Planetary Citizen"
Compost tea is just another way to feel good about respecting the earth in your own yard and garden. It allows you to be less a consumer of harmful products and more a resourceful gardener.

Compost Tea is all the rave for gardeners who repeatedly attest to higher quality!

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